meet the blogger : issue #5 (Day and Night Book Tag)

Hullo all! Here’s another tag I found on Analee’s blog, Book Snacks, and – once again – decided to do for my meet the blogger feature this week. Enjoy!

“Rules” are as follows:

MEET THE BLOGGER is a new feature I’m doing here on Reckless Indulgence to allow readers to get to know their bloggers (and, for me, mostly to pass the time). I always do a lot of surveys/meme-quiz things and then never post them anywhere. I figured, it would be fun to have a little section on my blog just for that purpose! Sometimes the questions will be specifically related to the topic of this blog. Other times… not so much.

This is more an exercise for me to try socializing with others than anything else. XD An avenue for discussion, if you will. You can definitely run with this meme on your own blogs. I have no problem whatsoever with that and would enjoy seeing your answers to the questions I post and answer myself! Just tag your post  with the words: MEET THE BLOGGER and then link back to any of my meet the blogger posts so I can see what you wrote!


meet the blogger

It depends on when I have free time. Sometimes I read all through the night into the morning past the crack of dawn and such forth. Other times, I spent the whole night working and finally get in my bed (sun is up or getting there, birds are singing out my window and the world is waking up as I try to nestle in for a couple hours of sleep) and pick a book on my kindle or the nearest one at hand to read. Just how that goes.

A: Are there any books that changed the way you thought about things?

Every single book I read leaves a mark upon me – be it good… or bad. So YES – I’d say there are quite a few books that have changed the way I see things or perhaps enlightened me to something I never thought of before (or validated something I’d always know, but could never quite put into words).

Y: YA or not?

Um… I generally don’t read YA that much. At least, I don’t go out of my way to find it. I read it whenever, and I have nothing against it… but… yeah. o___o

A: Are there any characters you honestly believe to be real?

Every character I read is real. Reality and our perception of it is so fragile and inconsequential that… to believe our existence is the only one, is utterly and selfishly inane. We are NOT alone.

N: Nobody borrows my books or I don’t mind lending them out?

NOBODY. NOT EVEN THOSE LIVING UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS ME BORROW MY BOOKS. I am a bookdragon who hoards their precious treasure with icy-hot breath and talons galore. Don’t even think about asking to borrow my books. I’ll kindly toss you out on your ass.

D: Do you ever smell your books?



N: Not everyone likes books, is this a positive or a negative?

A perpetual negative. You don’t need to be as obsessed about book and reading and the written word as I am, but to not liking reading is a horrid thing because it forever procreates one of humanity’s greatest evils: ignorance. As LeVar Burton once said, “For me, literacy mean freedom. For the individual and for society.” Ignorance will forever chain you and hold you back from seeing possibilities and what it real. Literacy expands your mind and opens the doors to truth and a wealth of knowledge.

I: I keep my books in the best condition or maybe not? Which are you?

I’m somewhere inbetween. I say this because… I never mistreat my books (even when I get mad at them and toss them across the room — WHOOPS!) however, some of them have gotten a little worn over the years. Also there was Hurricane Sandy which got to some of the books packed away in the basement… so…


Generally speaking though, my books are kept with the utmost care. Some of them have signs of wear, and I have a habit of writing in them (AKA yelling at them and talking philosophy) but otherwise? They’re in good care. 😉

G: Gosh I have too many books! True or False?


H: Have you ever spilled or stained your books before with something, and if so how?

Uh… a long, LONG time ago… I had a disaster so horrifying I thought I would go jump off a roof or something. It was really bad. I didn’t spill anything on it… my elbow pushed the book I was reading near an open flame and… fljdngjndljkgnljdngjdknlj *curls up in a ball and has tiny-massive breakdown just thinking about it*

T: Toned or untoned while reading? . . or in other words. . .Do you read and workout at the same time?

UH. o_O No. No, not at all, so… uh… untoned? I don’t move around much when I’m reading unless it’s a book I pick up in the store and decide to read it as I shop around for the actual things on the grocery list.


I’m not actually using these as tags, so if anyone wants to do them as such – GO FOR IT! I’d love to read your answers, so comment below with a link to your posts if you do ’em. 😉

6 thoughts on “meet the blogger : issue #5 (Day and Night Book Tag)

  1. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    *Gasp* You do not read much YA? 😛 How could you not? And I definitely agree that every book leaves a mark on the reader, whether positive or negative, no matter how much you liked or disliked a book! Even if I didn’t enjoy a story, it still added another piece to my perspective of something. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • amomentsilence says:

      Yeaaaah, ’bout that. XD So I’m not the biggest fan of YA – nothing personal, just… eh. I’m not one to judge on age group (YA/NA/Adult/Teen/etc), but I’ve just noticed that YA books tend not to catch my attention as much as others. Even when I WAS a teen, YA books still didn’t really do it for me. I guess I’m just weird like that haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Analee @ Book Snacks says:

        Ah well. We all can’t like the same age group, now can we? As a complete YA fan, I’m sorry to hear YA novels never caught your eye much (and am secretly raging at you inside LOL) but as a normal person and reader who likes a variety of books, I understand. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        • amomentsilence says:

          Ahaha, yeah I know what you mean! When I hear people don’t like a book I obsessively love, I rage inside too. xD

          But I will say, it’s not like I don’t read them AT ALL. I have and do read them ocassionally, I just don’t search them out nor do I even realize if I do pick one up. S’just how that goes. 😛

          What other books/genres/age groups do you like to read? Maybe we’ll have more in common there~~

          Liked by 1 person

          • Analee @ Book Snacks says:

            Yep! But I’m calmer now, don’t worry. 😛
            Okay, good! At least you read them occasionally. 😉 That’s kind of like how I am with New-Adult and Adult books. I guess I’m okay with reading them, but they’re not really my preferred genre.
            Well, other than YA, like I just mentioned, I read NA & Adult, although not often. I also like read middle-grade books. How about you? Do you read NA/Adult or Middle-Grade books? 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • amomentsilence says:

              That’s good to hear. 😉

              Ahh~~ Well I can only surmised that I must read a lot of Adult and Middle Grade books. Not sure if I read any NA. Like I said, I don’t really pick up books based on their “supposed” age group. I just read whatever catches my eye or my interest, regardless of whatever else. I stick more to my preferred genres than age groups, y’know?

              What Middle Grade books are you reading/interested in right now? I’m re-reading the Wrinkle In Time quintet. For what reason? I don’t know. XD I think it was either going to be that or the His Dark Materials series again.



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