Endless Possibilities Read-A-Thon TBR List

Endless Possibilities Read-A-Thon TBR List
June 4th-6th
Good Tales Book Tours is hosting their first semi-annual readathon from June 4-6.
If you are interested in signing up click right here. We’re are also hosting random giveaways and questions with authors on a Facebook party during the readathon, so join in here. The Facebook party will go on every day during the read-a-thon between 2pm-9pm CST.

The “rules” are simple:

  1. Post your selected TBR to either your blog or a shelf on goodreads
  2. Add your post to the linky here (When adding your list, insert your name and the name of your blog (e.g. Jaay @ Reckless Indulgence | of the Written Word) where it says NAME and link directly to your TBR list where it says LINK.)
  3. Tweet about it.
  4. SUBMIT a question.
  5. HAVE FUN!! 🙂

 Wanna Finish

The Three Lands Omnibus (2011 Edition) by Dusk Peterson
The Three Lands Omnibus (2011 Edition)
The Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas
The Legend of the Ditto Twins
The Mussel Eater by Octavia Cade
The Mussel Eater
In Her Head, In Her Eyes by Yukimi Ogawa
In Her Head, In Her Eyes
Hunting Monsters by S.L. Huang
Hunting Monsters


Wanna Start

Earthrise (Her Instruments #1) by M.C.A. Hogarth
Earthrise (Her Instruments, #1)
The Ghost Half (The Sanctuary Universe #2) by X. Aratare / Raythe Reign
The Ghost Half
A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde
A Boy Called Cin

Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) by X. Aratare / Raythe Reign

Misery’s Way: A Kit Colbana World Story (Colbana Files #4.5) by J. C. Daniels
Misery's Way: A Kit Colbana World Story


Wanna Continue / Catch Up On (Serials)

The Dark Earth (Volume 2) by X. Aratare / Raythe Reign
The Dark Earth, Volume 2
The Fell (The Erl-King: The Fell #1) by X. Aratare / Raythe Reign
The Fell, Book 1
Winter Haven Country Club by X. Aratare / Raythe Reign
Winter Haven Country Club
19 Days by Old Xian
19 Days,Volume #1
Their Story by Tan Jiu
Their Story
Mosspaca Advertising Department by Old Xian, Tan Jiu, Moss
Alrighty then~ That’s the list I think I’ll get to once the readathon begins. It’s likely I’ll change my mind last minute, but either way I’ll update you guys on my progress over the course of those three days. ❤
Here’s something:
Don’t know if I ever mentioned this officially on here, but I work as an intern for Good Tales Book Tours, so naturally I’m joining in on this fun event! 😉 You should too! It’s simple, engaging, and lasts for three days! You can’t go wrong there. I know for a fact, it’ll help me get to the mountain of books sitting forlornly on my kindle.
(And maybe those sitting collecting dust on my floor. WHOOPS!)
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