[SIWTGI] Adverse Effects (Saving Caeorleia, Book II) by Alicia Nordwell

SIWTGI is short for Series I Want To Get Into, a book spotlight feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase a book series that I think might have potential or a single book from that series which has captured my interest recently.

Annnnd, for any single, stand-alone book features, see WTRO2.

Torquere Press
Pub Date   March 11 2015
Genres     LGBTQUIA, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense
Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | GoodReads

To find the first book, CHECK HERE.


Dade, human-Caeorleian hybrid and ex-military grunt, doesn’t fit in—not with humans, not with aliens, not anywhere. He’s always on the outskirts, angry, and people aren’t sure they can trust him. When he encounters a compatible tziu named Yaseke, secrets, misunderstandings, and attacks nearly prevent the two from making a connection Dade sorely needs. Even after they unite, Dade and Yaseke face challenges that two newly joined males should never have to endure.

From traitorous council members, to sadistic aliens who plan to sell them as slaves, to meeting a mysterious race of revered aliens called Collectors, Dade and Yaseke manage to stay together—and even rescue two youths related to Yaseke, who’ve lost their parents to the same betrayer.

Someone from Dade’s past is at the root of everything he’s suffered. No way can he let them get away with what they’re planning, but Dade isn’t sure he can stop them on his own. If he doesn’t let go of his isolation and risk the pain letting others in will bring, he’ll never save Caeorleia in time.

I won’t lie… it’s the cover that drew me in more than anything else. XD I’m hoping this one proves to be an interesting read?

Anyone read it yet? Thoughts? Reactions?


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