A to Z: Apollo and Midnighter

This post is all sorts of fantastic. And it’s short too, so you can read it real quick if you’re in a rush. BUT THEY TALK ABOUT MIDNIGHT AND APOLLO!!!! *does all manner of happydance jigs*

Hannah Reads Books

Apollo and Midnighter comicvine Comicvine

Apollo and Midnighter are thinly-veiled versions of Superman and Batman, but bloodier and married.

And if you just sat up in your chair with a “Please… tell me more” expression, you’re in the right place! I think it’s fitting that our first installment of “LGBT+ comic characters” is about Apollo and Midnighter. They’re kind of the ur-couple, after all, and I happen to adore them… One of the earliest same-sex couples in comics, existing from 1998 in the Wildstorm Comics series Stormwatch, with a romantic reveal a year later in The Authority. Warren Ellis’s brainchild, the series takes the Justice League and raises them a level in grimdark, turning the whole thing into an unsettlingly-plausible vision of how superheroes might really behave if given the keys to the universe. The first two volumes of The Authority, before Warren Ellis left, are the ones you just gotta read. (If you’re me…

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