[Reckless Beats & Artist of the Day] Showcasing Tokio Hotel’s “Kings of Suburbia” Album


Today’s RECKLESS BEAT comes from Tokio Hotel‘s new album, Kings of Suburbia. Right away, I gotta say, I love about half of the songs on the album. The other half alternate between “I like it” to “I have to be in the right mood to listen to this” to “…eh.” XD

If you’d like, you can find out more about their album here and get the deluxe version on iTunes or the regular one on Amazon.

To old fans, new fans, and everyone in between: something else I will say about it is… they’re changed. A LOT. And yet… not as much as some people are saying/complaining. *cue eyeroll* It’s been about four years? five years? since they’ve made any music, and – y’know – they’re changed. Like normal people do. They’ve grown. They’re gotten to experience life and are writing about things that matter to them, or that have influenced them. It was bound to happen folks! Could we please get over ourselves and just enjoy the music??

I, for one, really like their new sound… I like it just as much as I liked their original sound. Not to mention, they still do lives and even acoustic recordings (which sound INCREDIBLE, btw) so in all-in-all? What should anyone have to complain about?

(PS – Truth be told, I enjoy watching Tokio Hotel TV, so I’ve already heard them talk about some of the changes they’ve made to the band, to their sound, to just about… well not everything, but a lot of things, and I’m 100% behind them for it.)

Another thing to keep in mind is that… their music is filled with metaphor and hidden meaning. Personal stuff, as well as life experience stuff that I think will be difficult for some people to “get,” but for others… will definitely make sense once they listen and take the little time to understand what they’re singing about.

So yes. They’re changed their sound a lot, but at the heart of it, they’re still Tokio Hotel.

Here’s some of my favourites:

Kings of Suburbia 


Louder Than Love

Love Who Loves You Back

Stormy Weather

Run, Run, Run

Feel It All


Aw hell… just go listen to the album already! XD There was probably only one or two songs that I legitamately couldn’t get into. The rest of the album was awesome.




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