Sunday, Oh Sunday. How I love thee!


I’ll admit, I’ve been a little preoccupied lately and haven’t gotten to the massive pile of books STILL PILING on my kindle, computer, and bed.

(Yes, you read that right. I’m one of those. Piling books in their bed as permanent nightly companions for unsolicited enjoyment of the most invigorating kind: ALL NIGHT LONG. xD)

HOWEVER! I plan to rectify this immediately and get through at least two books today.



Haven’t a clue which ones I’ll start with, but definitely looking forward to a full day (and/or night) of joyous Sunday reading. ❤

What are your plans this Sunday?

Are you thinking of whittling down your TBR list or finishing that book you’ve been putting off because of a little thing called “LIFE?”

Let me know! Leave a comment with the name of the book so we might discuss the awesomeness! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Sunday, Oh Sunday. How I love thee!

  1. otakutwins1 March 8, 2015 at 9:27 AM Reply

    I love relaxing on Sunday to read :D! Right now I’m trying to finish Siren’s Fury so my NetGalley rating will go up XD and Red Queen because it is AWESOME!!!
    Don’t worry, I have a huge, monster sized pile of books staring me down… I think it might eat me o.o soon!

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    • amomentsilence March 9, 2015 at 10:06 PM Reply

      Dahaha I definitely think mine has been eyeing me in my sleep, waiting for the perfect chance to strike! XD

      Sunday reading is so nice, isn’t it? :3 I ended up reading a light and funny manhua because I didn’t have much time to do anything else – but I definitely need to start working at that constantly growing TBR pile. *needs to get my NetGalley rating back up too!*



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