Literary Tourism: Real Landmarks Made Famous By Fiction (reblog)

JAN 11, 2015


Readers everywhere keep lists, even if just in their heads, of fictional places they’d love to visit in real life. Narnia. Hogwarts. Wonderland. Neverland. The Shire. In fact, the desire to see these fantastical locales is strong enough that many people visit the shooting locations of the film versions of the stories from which they originate, just to feel like they’re there. Heck, New Zealand has built a significant segment of their tourism industry around Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films.

But readers don’t have to stick to the mythical to find cool fictional places to visit. There are plenty of real life locations that have been featured prominently in fiction and give readers the chance to plant their feet (and take the obligatory selfie) on the sites of some truly impressive literary landmarks. Here are just a few:

SherlockPlaqueReichenbach Falls (“The Final Problem” by Arthur Conan Doyle)

Site of Sherlock Holmes’ most suspenseful encounter with the villainous Dr. Moriarty, this Swiss waterfall is marked by the plaque at left, which reads, in part, “Across this dreadful cauldron occurred the culminating event in the career of Sherlock Holmes… he vanquished Dr. Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime.” If you plan to visit the falls, make sure to go in the summer, as the trail to the top closes for the winter. Also make sure to wear your deerstalker and carry your life-size cardboard Cumberbatch cutout. Wait, does everyone not have those? Uhh, perhaps I’ve said too much.

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