[Featured GoodReads List] 88 “Best” Gay Twincest/Brothercest Books

I’d definitely say that “best” is a little overenthusiastic. More like simply “88 Gay Twincest/Brocest Books Period.”


This list…. I want to read every single book on it – even if it’s horrible.

This is a topic so rarely seen in published fiction (or nonfiction) that… that the fact that someone was able to make an ENTIRE LIST on the topic of incest/brocest… And some of the titles on there are ACTUALLY GREAT STORIES, TOO?! *has read several of them in the distant past, more recent past, and/or reading them now*

giphy (4)

Now, I already know some of those titles listed in that list are complete shit. I shall never read them or gaze upon them again.


88 BOOKS, YO. 8-8.


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