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[Graphic Novel Mini Review] Wild Cats, around the globe with Suki and Finch (Vol. 1)

Wild Cats, around the globe with Suki and Finch

(Wild Cats, #1)

Muhammad Tauhidul Iqbal Sampad (3-D artist), Rebecca Merry Murdock (Goodreads Author), Isabel Iglesias (co-author)

What rating would you give it?
3 of 5 Stars

Give us a summary.

(Taken from GoodReads)
Middle Grade Graphic Novel/Comic. Based on the Bark and Howl FaceBook series, The Big Adventure.

A new kind of graphic novel, with a new kind of eco-hero. 3-D Suki & Finch travel the globe investigating the welfare of all 36 species of wild cats. They start in Canada where they gather data on the Cougar, Bobcat and Canada Lynx – Volume One. It’s one big adventure (8 Volumes in all), full of exciting travel and lots of misadventures. Learn about the threats facing all wild cats – loss of habitat, poaching, trophy hunting – set against the backdrop of an ongoing drama. Linked to Google Maps, readers can find Suki & FInch in the Great Bear Rainforest, crossing the North Pole, and landing on the Volga River in Moscow. In Volume Two they’re off tracking Eurasian Lynxes and Siberian Tigers in Russia, Snow Leopards in Mongolia, Asiatic Golden Cats in China and the rare Pallas’s cat in Nepal. Things never go as planned.

What did you think of the book?

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed with the results. Definitely a new kind of graphic novel for kids that I think they’ll gravitate to. It would really be good to hear that there’s a tie-in interactive website to go along with this series – kinda like with the wildly popular The 39 Clues series.

Either way, an unexpectedly good read! Great for kids.

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

Nope. Nada.

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

Would you recommend this book?

justdoit_zps7f14e39dWorse case scenario, you don’t like it. Best case scenario, you love it recommend it for your school/library/kids/etc. Why not give it a shot? 😉

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: Bark and Howl Press Ltd.
Publication Date: April 2015
Format: ARC, ebook
Pages: 110
Genre / Themes:  Middle Grade, Graphic Novel,
CGI, Wildlife, Nature, Cats, Wild Cats, Big Cats,
Nature Guides, Guide Book, Science & Biology
Age: Middle Grade / Kids & Teen
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by NetGalley
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[Reckless Beat & SOTD] Lettice Rowbotham & James Smith – House of the Rising Sun

RECKLESS BEATS is a musical feature where I incorporate a little music into this bookish blog.

Today’s song of the day is literally one of my FAVOURITE COVERS OF THIS SONG. I don’t know what it is about this one that gets to me so much… but it’s magical. Let me tell you. It’s covered by Britian’s Got Talent finalist Lettice Rowbotham (who didn’t win — ughhh that’s just wrong) and the incredible James Smith. Hear them bring this song to life with his stellar vocals and her “electric” violin playing…

Here’s their cover of House of the Rising Sun!



There is a house down in New Orleans they call the rising sun
And it’s been the ruin for many a poor boy. And God, you know, I’m one.

My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gambling man, down in New Orleans.

Now the only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk
And the only time he is satisfied is when he’s on a drunk.

[WTRO2] Dreamfire by Kit Alloway

WTRO2 is short for Want To Read Or Own, a feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase a book that has captured my interest recently. If I can swing it and get myself a copy, the book will again be featured among an upcoming book haul post.

Annnnd, for books that are part of a series, see SIWTGI.

Penguin Books Australia
Pub Date   February 25 2015
Genres     Sci Fi & Fantasy, Teens & YA
Goodreads Link-up


Unlike most seventeen-year-olds, Joshlyn Weaver has a sacred duty, to enter the Dream universe we all share and defeat nightmares. To fail is to release those nightmares into the world, with all the emotional turmoil they cause.

But despite Josh’s reputation as a dream-walking prodigy, she’s haunted by her mistakes. A lapse in judgment and the death of someone she loved has left her doubting. Now she’s been assigned an apprentice, a boy whose steady gaze appears to see right through her, and she’s almost as afraid of getting close to someone again as she is of getting them killed.

Then strangers with impossible powers begin appearing in the Dream and it isn’t just Will that Josh has to protect – it’s the whole world.

“The books that the world calls immoral…”

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”

― Oscar Wilde

[Reckless Beat & SOTD] Walk The Moon – Tightrope

RECKLESS BEATS is a musical feature where I incorporate a little music into this bookish blog.

Today’s song of the day is from a band I’ve been following for some time called Walk The Moon. I’ll admit, this sudden craze with them is what sparked my interest back into them again… and their current hit Shut Up And Dance IS fucking catchy as hell. But today, I’m focusing on an older favourite with its crazy, artrock-y music video.

Here’s Tightrope, everyone!



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This Really Isn’t So Much A “Problem,” As It Is An Excuse To Stay And Browse Even Longer…


[WTRO2] The Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas

WTRO2 is short for Want To Read Or Own, a feature I host here on Reckless Indulgence, where I showcase a book that has captured my interest recently. If I can swing it and get myself a copy, the book will again be featured among an upcoming book haul post.

Annnnd, for books that are part of a series, see SIWTGI.

Curiosity Quills Press
Pub Date   May 12 2015
Genres     QUILTBAG, M/M Romance, Dark Themed Fiction, Taboo, Twincest
Goodreads Link-up


Since they have touched each other for the first time, Eric and Derrick know they are different. Know they are special. Know they will be bound together as long as they live. Most of all, the twin brothers know that no one else must ever discover the secret games they play in bed each night – until puberty hits and Eric and Derrick begin to understand that they are destined to become legendary.

Follow two young men on their journey from a modest dairy farm in America’s heartland to the glamorous world of Berlin’s physique models, from the wonderland of Prague’s adult film industry to the fast lane of New York’s glittering club life – and ultimately, all the way to the Supreme Court of the united States.

Good Gods, I want this book so damn bad. Someone buy it for me. I’ll kiss your feet and worship you forever. Everywhere I look it’s either out of stock or going to cost me an arm and a leg to get (and of course my local libraries don’t carry it. I mean, why would they? Not like it’s considered “real fiction,” anyway. *can you hear the sarcasm in my words? can you hear it????*)


I need this right now or I might just puke.

[Book Review] The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright

The Daring Assignment

(A Curvy Assignments Novel)

Victoria Bright

What rating would you give it?
4.5 of 5 Stars

Is anything special going on for this book right now?

Funny you should ask! 😛

There’s a book tour and book giveaway going on until the 30th of the month! Go check them both out here.

Thoughts and review of the book?

Now, y’see? This is an example of porn WITH plot. A very unexpectedly enjoyable read! This is not your everyday erotica, or romance! I daresay, this could be quite the delightful addition to anyone’s collection. The characters were great and (mostly) believable, as were all scenarios and happenings involved.

There were funny scenes, cute scenes, nauseating and even “trigger”-worthy scenes (none of which sexual or having anything at all to do with the sex… one was just violent, the others were just… degrading), yet all-in-all… the book was WELL put-together. I can’t really give too much more detail or I’ll give it away, but just imagine it as a story within a story writing the story you’re reading. If that made any sense AT ALL. xD


The only thing that started to irk me was Arianna’s neediness towards the very end of the book. It was starting to get more than a little irritating, to be honest. I mean, you’ve got what you wanted! You mean to tell me it hasn’t even been an hour and you’re already feeling lonely because the house is empty? Give me a freakin’ break already.

Also, a few pages further in, we come across this equally idiotic scene:

“A solid knock on the door brought me out of my thoughts. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was nearly 11PM. […] I cautiously made my way to the door and looked through the peephole and saw a man in a hoodie with his back to the door. I slowly cracked it open. “Can I help you?” I asked.”


What the hell, girl?! The hell are you just opening the door to some stranger in a hoodie, and you can’t even see his damn face?! WHAT IF HE HAD A GUN. WHAT IF YOU “CAUTIOUSLY” OPENING THE FUCKING DOOR DIDN’T REALLY HELP WHEN HE MUSCLES HIS WAY IN AND RAPE-KILLS-ROBS YOU? The fuck is wrong with you??? It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy, girl, or anything inbetween or otherwise! You going to get your ass robbed being that stupid! Especially in New York City! You are on your OWN now. WITH ENEMIES, no less! DO NOT FUCKIN OPEN THE DOOR TO SOME HOODED, SKETCHY-LOOKING STRANGER THAT WON’T SHOW YOU THEIR FACE FROM THE PEEPHOLE AND KEEPS THEIR BACK TO THE DOOR.



*clears throat — EHEM*

But Zane. Oh Zane. You were a real man, let me tell you. ❤ Probably my favourite character in the whole book, followed closely by Gia (whom I would gladly treat to as many margaritas and dirty martinis as she wanted for putting up with our main girl). But Zane… he did things right, even when he got screwed over by manipulative, twisted people. He stuck to his guns and held to his principles, and when things fell apart? He kept to his own feelings and heartbreak, and didn’t just rush back into things because someone else wanted him to. You gotta respect him for that.

All around, dream man. ❤ ❤ ❤


Other than that? My only real problem actually boiled down to the typos and eye-twitch-worthy editorial issues that littered the pages. However, since I know that what I read was an uncorrected proof, I’ll let those things slide for now in favour of a deliciously hot and solid story and plot.

Last, but not least, I’ve got to mention: This isn’t really my thing. “Straight” erotica, that is. It’s actually been years and years since I’ve read any straight-ero that wasn’t utterly ridiculous and downright laughable. This book here, restores all my faith in good, plot-driven, funny, vanilla, hot AND romantic erotica.

Well done! A definite keeper for sure. Highly recommended~~!

Any warnings you wish to make for your readers?

Well… it IS an erotica, so there’s sex. Lots of sex. But other than that, there’s nothing else that’s all that alarming or anything.

Does it count towards any reading challenges?

Well… it wasn’t exactly supposed to, but it does. xD

Would you recommend this book?


Most definitely. That goes without saying! >:3

Reviewed by AMS (amomentsilence)

Publisher: BookTrope
Publication Date: March 2015
Format: ebook
Pages: 185
Genre / Themes: Romance, Contemporary
Fiction Sex, Nudity, Love, Betrayal, Rich Folk,
Authors, Unfamiliar Territories, Prude,
Cheating, Perfect Man, Larger Than Life Ladies,
Plus Size Women, Independent Women,
Arranged Marriages, Love-Hate Relationships,
Sex Fantasties
Age: Adult
Reviewer: AMS (amomentsilence)
Source: Provided by Good Tales Book Tours for an
honest review
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Blog Tour + Giveaway & An Open Letter!! — The Daring Assignment By Victoria Bright [March 17 – March 30, 2015]


Ello, ello my pretties~! It’s nearly the end of “The Daring Assignment” Virtual Book Tour! There are several other blogs hosting the tour today as well, so please check them out at the bottom of this post! Thanks. 🙂

Also, if you want to, check out my review of the book here!


Title: The Daring Assignment
Victoria Bright
Publication Date:
March 17, 2015

A Curvy Assignments Novel
I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, especially him…
I was living the dream. I had a great career as a romance author, a successful boyfriend, and am the daughter to a New York power couple. With my standing, my family groomed me to be perfect. Despite having it all, something was still missing.
In an attempt to break away from my privileged, suffocating life, I was in pursuit of finding my own path to happiness. After my literary agent gave me a risky writing assignment, I set out to write a best-seller that took me completely out of my comfort zone and into the arms of another man. He was only supposed to be a research toy, falling in love wasn’t a part of the plan. As I become tangled into a huge web of lies, I quickly find out that I have a life changing decision to make. Do I choose to continue living a life of comfort, stability, and misery or do I take a chance on the unknown to preserve my happiness?

And now, a little something from
The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright

Author Bio:
Victoria Bright is from a small town in North Carolina and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. She has been writing since she was in the eighth grade, starting with small short stories. As her classmates began showing interest in her work, she began to write longer stories, filling multiple spiral notebooks with her thoughts. During her freshman year in high school, her English teacher encouraged her to enter a writing contest in which she won local, region and state levels. She has entered many writing contests since and have won a few. Figuring out she had a passion to share stories with anyone who would listen, she set out to write her first book Love Unbroken.
Victoria is very versatile in the genre of books she likes to read. Her bookchoice mostly varies on her mood, but she is particularly interested in crime stories, romance, teen fiction, sci-fi, and is now venturing a little in paranormal fiction. As for her own writing, she doesn’t really put it into a category or genre. She just writes whatever is on her mind and lets it create itself!
Author Links:



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Blog Tour + GIVEAWAY!! — The Soul Keeper by L.A Starkey [March 23 – April 3, 2015]

The Soul Keeper Banner - Large


 Hullo there everyone! It’s DAY FOUR of “The Soul Keeper series” Virtual Book Tour!



The Soul Keeper Box Set

Title: Deceived, Destroyed & Descent (Full Series)
The Soul Keeper Series
L.A. Starkey
Publication Date:
March 16, 2015

They say a soul is the immaterial essence, the animating principle, the actuating cause of an individual life. But what if you had to share yours with the one person you hated the most?

The soul mate principle states that for every one soul there is another that will recognize its match, hence creating the perfect union.

But what if you had two soul mates, which would you choose?

What if your choices had eternal ramification?

Buy No Button Amazon


Author Bio:

L.A. Starkey is the author of the upcoming Soul Keeper Series, a supernatural young adult series, and The Liarus Detective Series, a supernatural middle grade series.

She is a CPA by trade, a church planter and entrepreneur at heart; however, writing and reading are passions she just can’t help but indulge in. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn’t seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.

She writes under the following pen names:
L.A Starkey – YA/MG
Kate Thomas – NA/Adult Paranormal
Isabella James – Sci-fi/Fantasy
Lauren Elizabeth – Adult Contemporary Romance

Author Links:



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