Kicking Off The New Year Right With “Red Queen” and “Ensnared”~~

Kong Hei Fat Choy!



As I mentioned in my previous post, the lunar or Chinese New Year begins today! And what a way to begin! Check out the newest additions to my bookpile:


I mean, look at them!

Photo0864  Photo0876

Gaze upon their deliciousness~~~


Then squee so loudly it comes out only as a tiny, inaudible squeak.



Sooooo, this was a lovely surprise today! 🙂 Yesterday I found out that my membership card wasn’t expired AND that I apparently had a free gift voucher for up to $10 on anything storewide pre-loaded onto it in celebration of my birthday.


Obviously that meant books, books, books, books~~~

So I raced to the nearest bookstore and picked up Ensnared, which I knew they finally had out on their shelves, and purchased it at a killer steal. *Mwahahaha* I also ended up getting a fancy new bookmark as my free birthday gift.


I chose the owl because whoooo doesn’t like an ow-hooool? 🙂


Later that night, I saw Red Queen for a ridiculously cheap amount of money at BJ’s, but had no money to purchase it after splurging on Ensnared. 😦

Cue my best mate to the rescue! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Dag knew exactly what to do and dragged my ass back to BJ’s today and presented me with his credit card and that gorgeous book in hand.


It’s times like this when nothing can go wrong. BEST NEW YEAR’S EVER.

I’m just proud I didn’t dance down the aisles.


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