ONE HOUR INTL COUNTDOWN!! National Readathon Day is TODAY!

Just a quick reminder!
National Readathon Day starts in ONE HOUR across the world!
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm INTL

For those of you who missed out on my previous post about it, you can check out more information here. Basically starting at 12:00pm INTERNATIONALLY, you are to read (preferably a book of some kind), and not stop reading until 4pm. That means wherever you are in the world, noon is when you begin! 🙂

It’s not a race to see how many books you can read in any given amount of time.

It’s simply to MAKE THE TIME TO READ.

The point is that so many of us do not make the time to read – in our day, in our week, in our months and years. Time flies by, while we’re constantly saying, “Oh, I’ll read that later” or “I can always get back to that some other time.”

Well, folks! TODAY IS YOUR TIME.

Make the time… and read.

For participants in North & South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia, our time is technically tomorrow… so… I’ll post another reminder then. XD


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