Has everyone heard about National Readathon Day?

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I’m not hosting this event myself, but I’m sure to participate in my own neck of the woods here. 🙂 Let’s all give it a shot and plan to read a book this time next week too! On Jan. 24th, from Noon – 4 PM in our respective time zones!

I’m not sure which book I’ll choose yet… but I know I’ll definitely take advantage of any opportunity to indulge recklessly in a book or two for any given reason. xD

If any of you, my dear readers, plan to join me in reading on the day, I’d love to know about it!

Post a comment below letting me know that (1) you’ll be participating, and (2) what book or books you think you’ll be reading for it!

Dat’s about it!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope many of you will be able to make the #timetoread next Saturday.

You won’t regret it. 😉 After all, who ever regrets reading?