Does anyone actually fall asleep reading?


I’ve heard the stories, and of course the quips (like, “I read in my sleep” etc, etc…) But does anyone actually fall asleep reading?

I haven’t. Well… at least not consciously, anyway. I don’t think “while being stuck in a hospital bed as they slowly pump sleeping aides into your veins” counts. I’m talking about not under the influence of anything. On a train, or on a plane, or even in bed. You might get a little sleepy. (I have, fer sure!) But how do you actually FALL ASLEEP WHILE READING? Furthermore, how do people even fall asleep in a chair? I don’t know how people do that! It’s just NOT COMFORTABLE. AT ALL.

Don’t get me wrong here. There’s nothing wrong with it! I just want to know if it really happens to people. And if it does, then how does it work?

Are you just… too tired to keep your eyes open? Or do you slowly drift off into the world of your book and eventually fall under? Or was the book too fucking boring so you just nodded off?

I’d really like to know, because this is really beginning to bug me. XD