I miss the good old days when I would come out of a store with a bag (or two) full of books…



…or even a cart-full, as the above image accurately depicts… *EHEM, COUGH COUGH, scratches cheek*

Yeah, that’s right. I was one of those. Borders was my second home and favorite store in the whole wide world because of just how much I could get with a minimal amount of cash.

$100 — hell, even $50! — went a long way for a valued customer who got special discounts, was able to make special orders and not be charged extra for it, and was constantly on the prowl for the latest deal I could snag. $100 went a long, LONG ass way to filling my library to the extent it is today. That, and friggin’ AWESOME parents who understood that their child only wanted one thing from them…

And that was BOOK MONEY.

I mean, I even forewent lunch for days on end, saving up all my allotted lunch money so that when I saw a bookstore from the passenger or backseat of my parents’ Hyundai, and the car was abruptly swerved in said direction of bookstore — I, lo and behold, would emerge a hour or two (or three…) later with enough books to make the Library of Congress green with envy.

That’s the kind of kid I was. And that’s the kind of person I still am today.

Just with a shitton less money to spend on books.

Now it’s all bills and college loans and more bills. Which is why I put my long-cultivated talents to good use and stay on the lookout for those amazing deals, those book signings with free book giveaways, those libraries that have 50 cent to a dollar book sales, those ARCs you can try to swindle from author or publisher friends, and conventions and other events where excessive promotion and advertising = free (or nearly free) books and merchandise.

Of course when I do have the money for it (and even when I don’t… *quiet sob*), I will go out and buy the books and support the authors/artists/publishers/etc to my fullest. But when I can’t do that, I try to give the head’s up to others who can afford to splurge and get themselves a bag or cart-full of books.

And I will make my TBR (To Be Read) and WTRO2 (Want To Read Or Own) and SIWTGI (Series I Want To Get Into) lists… and I’ll share them with you.

And maybe, just maybe, one day the books listed on those “someday lists” will switch over to the Already Read or Own list.

Until then, I guess we just keep the faith.

And the excessive book drooling.