Surprise, Surprise! Looks Like Autumn’s Finally Here…


image (C) NOT MINE

As I’m sure you can all see the new layout and theme for my blog. 😀 I’ve created a couple different ones for the next few months, themed specifically for the changing of the seasons. Hopefully I won’t be a day late like I was with this one in the coming months. 😛

This one is, obviously, Autumn/Halloween themed. I was originally going to go with just pumpkins (Because pumpkins are the best things on Earth, do not judge or contradict me. XD) but as luck would have it, I was able to add in a bit of fall colors as well, which are just as spectacular.

falling leaves

image (C) NOT MINE


image (C) NOT MINE

bridge into autumn

image (C) NOT MINE

come walk with me

image (C) NOT MINE

image (C) NOT MINEHappy October and Harvest greetings, everybody!



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