What Your Book Pile Says About You (Reblogging from BookRiot)

(2012, Oct 17)

Congratulations, you read your books! Your pile is small enough to be manageable. You have the effortlessly intellectual look of the person who reads a lot, but doesn’t overwhelm themselves to the point that they no longer know what unread books they own. Non-readers probably think all readers are like you. You belong to a small group of readers who are able to control themselves when it comes to the written word. Relish the knowledge that you can name all of your books… for now.


I’m somewhere between the first and second. XD Not to say that’s how many books I own but simply how many I have unread. 😛

We’ll see if that pile ever goes down. (Doubtful.)

How about you? Where do you stand in the book pile dilemma?


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