[Book Review] Eye to Eye by Vanita Oelschlager

Eye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms and Silly PicturesEye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms and Silly Pictures by Vanita Oelschlager

Synopsis (from GoodReads): Eye to Eye shows children the magic of idioms words that separately have one meaning, but together take on something entirely different. Children are curious about words, especially phrases that make them laugh (Stick Your Neck Out) or sound silly (All Ears). Eye to Eye uses outlandish illustrations of what the words describe literally. The reader then has to guess the real meaning of the phrases (which are at the bottom corner of the spread). At the end of the book, the reader is invited to learn more about these figures of speech.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thoughts: Thanking NetGalley for my ARC!

I really enjoyed this book and could easily see it in a classroom or in the hands of a young reader, helping to broaden their language and learning skills. This book focused on the concept of idioms, which is one of the hardest things to pick up when learning a new language. Many may not know, but there are hundreds and thousands of idioms in EVERY language. (To my knowledge over nearly 25,000 idioms in the English language alone!) That’s a lot of slang to pick up, especially when you haven’t even gotten the hang of proper grammar and sentence structure yet! Eye to Eye starts introducing some basic idioms to readers early on so they can start “reading between the lines” and picking up hints from the slang of the every day.

The only downside to this book was how small the explanation text was at the bottoms of each page. It seemed a bit jarring to me, and would have worked better if it had been incorporated into the image or perhaps typeset in a different font.

Otherwise, a great read! Definitely recommending this book for the classroom (for young children and educators, alike), the library, and the home. Great educational learning tool with fun, whimsical pictures to boot! I’m impressed.

Would You Recommend? Yup