Super Discounted Books! $1 Finds

On today’s episode of how I managed to snag some awesome and utterly cheap hardcover books, we have as part of our book haul:

Picked them up at a local store that was having a clearance sale. Everything in the bin was a buck. 😈 I was super tempted to just grab as many books as could fit in my arms, cart, and shopping bag, AND RUN! But after some careful searching, I only came up with about six or so titles that interested me. 😐

Already started reading Alek, and it’s… interesting, to say the least. As I said, I would have gotten more books, but… well… It was either buy more books or use the two meager dollars I had left for coffee.

I went with coffee.

(I know, I’m hideous for choosing the coffee. But it had to be done. *nod nod* Don’t judge me!)


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