A Moment’s Silence For A Legend: Remembering Robin Williams

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams

This might not have anything to do with reading, books, or the written word, but… I suppose that’s all how you take it.

Robin Williams has brought countless characters to life, and inspired the imaginations of millions — no, billions of people all around the world. From the page to the big screen, he has created memorable moments in film, voiced beloved characters of dramatic caliber, and taught us the meaning of laughter and being true to oneself. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t somehow been touched by this man’s humor, joy, and enigmatic presence, in some form, shape, or fashion.

Who here doesn’t want to shout, “O Captain, My Captain!” wherever they’re feeling daring? (Or any other time they want to be totally awesome.)

Dead Poet's Society

Or call upon Mrs. Doubtfire, the world’s most sensational nanny (right up there with Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee), when you’re in a jam?



Or run wild with Allan Parish as he tries to finish the game and escape the madness of Jumanji?


Or rap along with Batty Koda to the Batty Rap?!

Who here wouldn’t want to help out poor Armand as he frantically tries to conceal the fact that he’s gay from the ultra-conservative parents of his son’s fiancee? (Not to mention the fact that his “wife” is actually a man!) XD


Who wouldn’t want to laugh along with Patch as he tries to show the world that laughter really is the best medicine?

Oh, if only you could have remembered that, dear friend...

Oh, if only YOU could have remembered that, dear friend…

And finally…

Who doesn’t remember to save your last of three wishes to free everyone’s favorite Genie?

You're free, Genie.


Robin Williams… You will be greatly missed. By me, and all your fans around the world. I am so sorry you were in such pain and could no longer find the same joy in your life that you brought to so many others. I hope you can finally find peace now.

For all the laughs, tears, and joys… I salute you.

Remembering Robin Williams