What Fictional Place Would You Visit?


I’ve seen this topic floating around the internet for ages and had to take a moment to think about it:

If you had the choice to go to ANY fictional land that you wanted…. where would you go?

I know many might say Hogwarts, or Middle Earth… Neverland, or even Camelot, and such forth. And these are certainly splendid choices! (I would choose any of them in a heartbeat myself, for various reasons. 😉 ) But I honestly have too many choices to just choose one! And they range from the mystical and fantastical to otherworldly planets and dimensions, to even dark, twisted, and pretty-fucked-up-when-you-think-about-them-long-enough dystopian futures of our own current world today.

Granted, I wouldn’t want to stay long in such terrifying places as the one I last described. (I don’t think… >__> Hmmm…)

Right now though, I’d like to visit Gethen (alternatively known as “Winter“) from Ursula K. Le Guin’s Ekumen universe, specifically during the time that the Left Hand of Darkness was taking place. (And I’d like to rewrite that ending, if you know what I mean, fellow readers… Also… WINTER ALL THE TIME. Y/Y anyone??) Alternatively, Wonderland would be a great place to visit and possibly stay in my opinion. Namely because it seems far more sane than everyday life, as is. -A-”’

What say you? Where do you wanna go? And any particular reasons for picking it?