Warp World by Jacob H. Ramm


Ethan Stroud is a normal eighteen year old who is suddenly thrust into the immensity of the universe when he inherits reality warping: a god-like superpower that allows the user to create, change, or destroy anything in reality. Food, buildings, planets, even people. In short time he meets Kris Abdel-Rumos, another warper interested in quickly bringing Ethan into the warper fold. But life as a warper has surprising difficulties. The measure of reality is so problematic to find, because everything can be changed.

Among the many new adjustments Ethan needs to reconcile with himself is his relationship with his boyfriend, Peter Sanville. Ethan struggles to hold on to his familiar surroundings even as the growing new reality bears down on them both.

The other four warpers offer slight help when not wrapped up in their own matters. They are preoccupied with events that began unfolding years ago, chief among them being certain questionable affairs with a group of Humans now known as the Rurrians. They have discovered truths about the universe and have become aware of the existence of reality warpers. These Rurrians refuse to be changed and refuse to be subjected to any warper’s will.

The entirety of the universe holds a great deal of strange, wonderful, and dangerous manifestations. At every turn Ethan is confronted with something new, and now finds himself pulled between two lives: an uneventful existence or godhood.

This book looks like the most fantastic read I could hope for. Craziness like this literally make living each day worth it, I’ve only read the first couple pages and I’m already hooked!

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