bookporn #45: edinburgh

Edinburgh. Definitely on my list of places to go bookhunting and sight-seeing. I mean, check out these gorgeous images!!

a historian's craft

It’s been a while since my last bookporn installment. But I had the good fortune to visit Edinburgh over the summer–and what an unexpected windfall it was. The city itself is gorgeous, a tangle of medieval streets sprawled over an ex-volcanic landscape—cobblestones, narrow alleyways, tiny tea shops, and deceitful roads which mysteriously turn out to have been bridges all along. AND, bookshops! So many, in so many idiosyncratic spaces. Here is Tills Books: a wall-crush of books and still the gracious consent to natural light–


Tills has also perfected the art of war against space: the bookshelf stack. Behold, a mighty phalanx of bookshelves wedged between floor and ceiling: a triumphant conquest of dead space, reclaimed for king and country! or maybe for the sanity of the storekeeper.


But surely there is no more fitting source of bookporn than the so-called “pubic triangle” of Edinburgh. This is…

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