MALACHITE by Kirby Crow

blankcoverMarion Casterline is the newly-appointed highwarden of Malachite, an ancient, beautiful city floating in a shallow sea. Over the past five millennia, Malachite has at different eras in its history been destroyed, rebuilt, reviled, founded, glorified, forgotten, reinvented, and besieged. Now , in the aftermath of a brutal gang war that endured for decades, there is a new Peace, complete with a pact of nonviolence from the stronger mainland. There is trade in Malachite, a busy harbor, and new life every year from the ritual of Aequora, which brings in expelled male citizens from the powerful and female-dominated mainland of Cwen.

The Aequora is vital, because Malachite is a city populated only by men. Without it, Malachite dies by inches.

Marion expects nothing more than the usual influx of exiles on his third Aequora, but the ritual goes wrong and a boy is lost in the Mire; a dangerous and half-submerged part of the city. Marion and his estranged partner, Jean Rojin, must brave the Mire and the Zanzare slums to find the boy, and in doing so stir up a hornet’s nest of rebellion that threatens to destroy the fragile serenity that Marion has dedicated his life to preserve.

link to [author’s pw]

Publication Date: unknown

Anxiously awaiting the release of this book! It sounds promising.



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