blankcoverA pair of chosen knights race across the desert to slay a devouring spirit, a werewolf is granted the victim he deserves, a small-town cop has a male lover and premonitions, and a discarded prince discovers his murdered mage-king left him a legacy, after all. Nothing turns out pretty, everything is up for grabs, and there are no guarantees or happily ever afters. These are not your grandmother’s fairytales.

13 dark, cross-genre tales with a queer slant.

link to [author’s pw]

Publication Date: April 2014



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2 thoughts on “HAMMER AND BONE by Kirby Crow

  1. […] well, well! Certainly been waiting awhile for this one! Since my initial post about this title, I have stalked the pages of author Kirby Crow’s personal page and GoodReads account for […]


  2. A Bag of Hammers October 12, 2014 at 7:51 AM Reply

    […] is 8. Arm & hammer kirby premium bag: appliances : walmart., Arm & hammer kirby premium bag: replacement vacuum cleaner bag; made to fit […]



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