TIL — Wikipedia, Thou Art Friend To All!

On today’s episode of TIL, I’ve found some great online resources and references for potential book reads with my sort of interests in mind!

List of LGBT-themed speculative fiction

Probably my new favorite page on the internet. I’m going through the list and seeing so many titles I want to read, and a few I managed to find over the years using all my finite resources at the time. Seeing this mega-list, however, really lifts my spirits. I cannot begin to express the joy it brings (and the tears my wallet will shed upon coughing up the funds to purchase everything in here).

LGBT themes in mythology

 I believe, highly self-explanatory. Why in hell’s name this wasn’t taught in school — or at least hinted at so any of us interested could go look it up ourselves — I’ll never know.

List of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films

This is one HECK of a long list! Interested in movies for a change? Want to find something with a QUILTBAG theme or presence in the film? You’ve come to the right place… Can’t tell you which one’s are good or not. But at least, you have a basis to start your search.

Sex and sexuality in speculative fiction

Some titles included in this article refer to favorites of mine like Ursula K. Le Guin’s, The Left Hand of Darkness and Robert A. Heinlein’s, Time Enough for Love; as well as some I have yet to read or even hear about like Venus Plus X and The World Well Lost both by Theodore Sturgeon.


This last link isn’t actually to a Wikipedia articles, but still in the same vein as the links above. Lethe Press is a publisher I’ve long since stalked, for their books often hold many of the key themes and elements I like to read in them. Genres: horror, science fiction, speculative fiction and the supernatural. Themes: QUILTBAG, alternative sexualities, and gender identity and study. Their titles come as parts of series, stand-alones, anthologies, and author collections.

So, frankly? What more can I ask for?


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