Webcomic of the Day: Scarlet and the Wolf

Yeah. You guessed it. I was putting together the post for Kirby Crow’s book series Scarlet and the White Wolf, and found another highly interesting sci-fi/horror-ish webcomic by a similar name.

screencap of scarlet and the wolf

So far it looks like something to add to my read list. The original comic itself is done, but the author says they’re going to be making a sequel soon, so that’s something to look forward to. The art is nice (I fuckin’ LOVE that wolf!) and the story has a decent plot, twisted and awesome. Just the way I like it. By the end, you’re definitely left saying, “Woah…” But I figure that will leave a good premise for the sequel when it’s out.

Artist is located on DeviantArt here and their comic is here. You all can go check it out if you’re interested.


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One thought on “Webcomic of the Day: Scarlet and the Wolf

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