Horror Novels & Erotica: What The World Sees As “Trash Fiction”

I have always loved a good horror novel. The stranger and more out there, the better. But then again, I have always liked the stranger of fiction and – stranger still – of truths.

My bookcases are filled with a queer array of books – based on obscure, taboo, or unfamiliar topics of interest rather than one specific genre or where they might place among booklists renown for filling their bullets with the next bestseller or everybody’s “must read”.

I often get asked the question: “What type of books do I like to read?” Or most frequently of all, “What’s your favorite genre?” But that’s arbitrary to say the least. Especially considering that a good book shouldn’t be defined by its genre, but its content and how it makes a person feel. Sometimes these book favorites are some old, dusty tome no one living’s ever read before. Sometimes it really is the latest bestseller on the New York Times. Sometimes it’s an erotica that most people would scoff and turn up their nose at. Sometimes it’s a book society deems “unacceptable” for some other insidious, foul reason.

Horror and erotica are sort of like that, even though they are often filled with creativity abound. They get the crap labels from far too many for being trash novels. Romance novels get that hype, too. (Though – granted – I haven’t read many of those that were actually worth my time.)

But that shouldn’t matter. It should never matter in the slightest, because you are reading, and what you read, held your attention and imagination for a few short hours or days or weeks at a time, submerging your conscious in whatever wondrous or terrifying world you traveled to while reading each and every one of those carefully crafted words.

Horror and and certain erotica can really get the blood pumping. (For completely different reasons, of course. 😉 ) I want to get back into reading horror again. I still read erotica – in some form, shape, or fashion – as I find it’s a very important and integral part of my life. The horror, perhaps, has dwindled only because I have been writing more and more of it lately. That outlet has been flowing sharper and more profoundly than I’ve ever known it to, save for one time in my life when it was all I could write. Psychological horror and societal horror, and all the horrors and terrors that fill your dreams and subconscious and waking thought. The kind of stuff you think about but have no idea WHY  you’re thinking about it because God! Is it creepy as all hell! You know. The kind of stuff that scares you yet you think about it anyway. That sort of thing.

And now, it’s coming out again in all my work. Maybe not as exclusive as it used to be, with or without any kind of plot to it; but it’s still coming out strong. It’s probably definitely why I’ve stopped reading it. After all, when you’re the one supplying…

So here’s my question for you all:

Anyone else a big horror fan? Or into erotica? Or anything else that others might consider “trashy” fiction? 

Trust me when I say, it’s not trash. It’s perfection, and you just happen to be one of the lucky few to recognize that perfection when you see it. 😉


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