BookCon, Slated To Be The ‘Whitest Show On Earth’?

Freakishly, I’m hearing a lot of bad PR and reviews for BookCon already, even though it hasn’t even happened yet!

Remember we’ve got… like… a month to go before the first ever BookCon even makes its debut at the Jacob Javitz convention stage? Well, that doesn’t seem to bother anyone, because it seems as though we’ve already blown the horn and rung the bells, crying from the rooftops on how big a flop it’s going to be. I recently had the bad fortune and even further unfortunate state of mind to WANT to find out about the most recent happenings for BookCon only to discover the internet’s angry already about… well… EVERYTHING in relation to and having to do with BookCon.

In effect, my dear readers, we’ve already had our fill of all the things they’re doing wrong.


This might just be the stinking reek of disaster seeping into the air long before the countdown reaches 00:00:00 hour.

The biggest issue I’m finding and reading about in blogs everywhere has to do with the utter lack of diversity in the panels and press, and even in the books and upcoming features they’re promoting. As this guy tweeted:

Which…  I completely get and agree with.

I just don’t know if all this ranting and raving is actually going to do anything about it BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENS, y’know? I mean… who knows? Maybe the special panels are just filled with POC, queer writers and fans, etc.

Maybe it’s not.

Probably its not.

The thing is, however, that I feel no one’s even giving them an opportunity to make a mistake and learn from it. They’re just expecting everyone to get it right the first time. And moreso, they’re expecting those at BEA (and whoever else is doing the decision-making there) to just FIX IT NOW, not realizing how long it took them to get all this shit together in the first place.

GRANTED… SOMEONE should have thought of this shit sooner. (I mean, come on now! This isn’t rocket science people!) But at the same time, I’m generally willing to allow someone the chance to make a mistake once.

If they keep making the same fucking mistake again and again HOW-EV-ER, then we’re gonna have issues.

Either way, it’s all sort of depressing to be completely honest with you. :/

I honestly hope BookCon will not be as horrifically white-washed and socially backwards as everyone’s making it out to be. I really hope the internet is just blowing things out of proportion this time, because I was (and still AM!) really looking forward to this convention.

As a POC myself, I still plan on going, and hope that other people of color will attend as well, to show that: “Yeah. We exist.” And to also show that even if the event is whitewashed that it will not deter us POC from enjoying the experience and gaining something from the event.


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