Dogs Annoying Cats With Friendship

Technically this video has NOTHING to do with books, but it’s so freakin’ perfect that all I could think of is, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a book about this and named it that: ‘Dogs Annoying Cats With Friendship’?” I would read the shit outta that! XD


And it’d have to be from the animals POV, not humans watching and/or documenting it or finding it funny or something from an observer’s POV. It HAS to be either that cat or the dog OR BOTH’S perspective throughout the whole day as each day they strive to either deter the nasty creature called DOG from trespassing near them (from Cat POV, obviously XD), or find a way to open friendly negotiations and ear licks and LOVE to the strange tiny creatures that go places dog cannot such as trees, tops of fences, the tops of sofas and chairs and human heads (from the Dog POV, naturally).

It would be adorable. And funny. And witty. And perfect if done right.

So to try to relate this back to books and such again, anyone know of any great animal centered or animal narrated stories/novels/books that you’ve read and would recommend?

Personally I always loved the Warrior series, The Wild Road and it’s sequel The Golden Cat by Garbiel King. And though it wasn’t really animal narrated, it was certainly animal centered, Animorphs!! Who else remembers that from back in the day?


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