We All Read Things Differently

“We all read things differently, for different reasons, from different perspectives.

Even if it’s the exact same article, book, newspaper, or magazine – we come away with completely different takes on what’s important and what’s not. We focus on what’s important to us individually, because – like all things – we ARE individuals with different backgrounds and fields of expertise. Even those who do not have degrees or awards, or certificates proclaiming we’ve achieved this great thing or that, we still have a basis and foundation – whatever that might be – for each and every time we read.

Whether we are first time readers or the age old book lovers, we learn based on our unique understanding and perspective of the topic at hand.

Because we read as engineers or editors, sports writers or sports athletes, librarians or researchers. And what matters to us… might not matter to someone else.

But that’s okay.

We are all learning and growing and coming together through our reading adventures, whether in person, online, or through some metaphysical exchange that happens when a writer/author writes their tale and reader buys and reads that tale.

So read. And never, ever stop.”

– quoted by… well Me (amomentsilence)


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2 thoughts on “We All Read Things Differently

  1. benbrilliant April 18, 2014 at 8:39 AM Reply

    That was awesome


    • amomentsilence April 19, 2014 at 5:00 AM Reply

      Thank you so much, Benbrilliant! 😀

      (Sorry for the late response~ )



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